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Boutique individual coaching programmes and transformative group workshops for neurodivergent women who are autistic, ADHD, dyslexic or simply struggling with stress, overwhelm and uncertainty.

Are you tired of feeling stuck and powerless? Do you want to create meaningful change towards the life you always wanted, with YOU firmly in the driver’s seat of your life?

Do any of the following challenges describe what you are experiencing?

  • You struggle to put yourself first, and create firm boundaries that serve you.  You find time-management and organisation to be really difficult.

  • You struggle to prioritise and are often procrastinating.  
  • You have trouble focusing on tasks and conversations.

  • You find it challenging to  regulate your emotions and behaviours to maintain healthy relationships.

  • You find yourself ending up in situations that you don’t want to be in. You experience uncertainty, anxiety and/or a sense of overwhelm.

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