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Boutique individual coaching programmes and transformative group workshops for neurodivergent women who are autistic, ADHD, dyslexic or simply struggling with stress, overwhelm and uncertainty.

The women who come to me are often tired of feeling stuck and powerless.


They want to create meaningful change towards the life they've always wanted, putting themselves firmly in the driver’s seat.

They want to live with clarity, radiance, brightness and purpose.

If you share these desires, welcome! You are in the right place and together, we will create a pathway forward where you will shine.

Incandescent: Adj, strikingly bright, radiant, or clear; aglow with ardour or purpose.

Do these challenges feel familiar?

  • You struggle to put yourself first, and create firm boundaries that serve you.  

  • You find time-management and organisation difficult.

  • You struggle to prioritise and often procrastinate.  

  • You have trouble focusing on tasks and conversations.

  • Regulating your emotions and behaviours are difficult and this impacts on maintaining healthy relationships.

  • You find yourself ending up in situations that you don’t want to be in.

  • You experience uncertainty, anxiety and/or a sense of overwhelm.


These kinds of challenges impact on your ability to live a fulfilling and happy life - but it doesn’t need to be that way.

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I'm on your support team

I work with amazing women who despite their many strengths and gifts, have lives that are stressful, chaotic and overwhelming, preventing them from living a full, purposeful life and stepping into their brilliance.

When we work together, their incandescence reveals itself. They feel empowered, happier, purposeful, stronger in themselves, clearer in their thinking, able to make decisions and take responsibility for their life and their happiness. They become the director of their lives, grounded in strong self- belief, self-guidance, self-knowing and self-intuition.
I’m Melanie Curry, and I would love to empower you to step into your shining brilliance.


ADHD Coaching


Autism Coaching


Concepts for Life Coaching



ADHD Characteristics

  • Difficulty with relationships

  • Disorganisation

  • Paper clutter

  • Decision making is hard

  • Has creative ideas but can’t put them into action

  • Can hyperfocus on things that interest them

Autism Characteristics

  • Social difficulties

  • Spends a great deal of effort to appear ‘normal’

  • Sensitive to sounds, textures, light and touch.

  • Experiences anxiety or depression

  • Focuses on specific interests

  • Doesn’t have a strong sense of self

“I have a much stronger sense of who I am. I have a stronger framework to be in. I feel like I have got more mana, more presence.”

- Leigh, Davis Concepts for Life Client

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