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My vision is for neurodivergent woman to be empowered leaders and change-makers in their lives and the world.

I believe that empowered, wholehearted women change lives.


Creating meaningful change for yourself is AMAZING in itself, but it doesn’t stop there.

Your change sends a glorious ripple effect through the lives of others: your friends, families, communities, and beyond.  What a gift that is to the world.
I’m Melanie Curry and I’m committed to helping YOU thrive.

Through my many years teaching, it became apparent to me that traditional teaching methods were not working for individuals with neurodiversity. I saw countless beautiful individuals slipping through the cracks of the education system.  I made it my mission to find an approach that works with the strengths of the neurodivergent thinking style to empower these individuals to unlock their potential.

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The path to Incandescent

This led me to the Davis programs, and ever since then, I have been working successfully with clients of all ages to help them unlock their knowledge, capabilities and beautiful gifts.
In 2020, I stepped into a new chapter as Director of Training and Licensing for the Ron Davis Autism Foundation. This has been a phenomenal opportunity for me to be a part of supporting and training adults, mainly women, in the Davis Autism Approach and Davis Concepts for Life method, and seeing them grow and thrive as individuals, as well as practitioners.

My mission in creating Incandescent is to empower neurodivergent women, with or without a formal diagnosis, to thrive in their own life, whatever their path, and to step into their brilliance.


My Why


There are many reasons I have felt the strong calling to put my energy and expertise into working with women:

  • Through my own experience of being fully immersed in the Davis programmes, I have felt the expansion that this work has created in my own life, despite not being neurodivergent.

  • Seeing the people I have had the honour to train as Davis facilitators also blossom and thrive as they grow into their stronger selves , I believe wholeheartedly that this work is so important for all women.

  • I believe that now, more than ever, the world needs the gifts that neurodivergent - and neurotypical - women have to offer.  We have the potential to change the world for good.

  • I have personally experienced the power of investing in support from other women professionals, and creating my own wrap-around support network as I move through the challenges of midlife and beyond. I am passionate about paying it forward for other women - becoming part of their support network and on their cheerleading team.

If you feel it is your time to step out of surviving and start thriving,

I would love to support you to make it happen.
I’m so glad you have found me.


Davis Autism Approach® and Concepts for Life℠ Trainer l Neurodiversity Coach

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