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Davis Concepts for Life Workshops

This workshop is for anyone wishing to create meaningful change for self or a neurodivergent individual they are supporting

This 5-day workshop facilitates the journey to overcome challenges associated with:

  • executive functioning,

  • sense of self,

  • self-regulation,

  • stress and anxiety,

  • maintaining focus,

  • organisation,

  • negative behaviours,

  • navigating relationships,

  • taking more responsibility for personal growth.


In this workshop, you will be provided with the tools and materials you need to take an individual - or yourself - through the Davis Concepts for Life Program, creating meaningful change.

I am an experienced presenter, who provides a supportive learning environment that empowers you with proven tools and techniques to create inspiring change in your own life, or for the person you are supporting.


What kind of results do people see with the Davis Concepts for Life program?

Individuals who have completed this program experience many positive changes, including:​

  • increased self-awareness 

  • better able to manage stress 

  • an increased ability to focus 

  • able to self-regulate their energy levels

  • improved ability to listen 

  • greater insight into the relationship between cause and effect 

  • improved time management

  • better organisational ability

  • the ability to establish order in their environment and daily life 

  • ability to apply a framework to establish self-responsibility 

  • enhanced ability to make decisions based on what is right or wrong for Self. ​


Text on this page is used with permission from Ron Davis Autism Foundation.

Upcoming Workshops

“I can’t believe how life-changing these concepts are. I use them all of the time in my life now – it is just so easy to take responsibility for things that had always seemed impossible before.”

- Davis Concepts for Life Client.

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