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Autism Coaching

Empowering autistic women to thrive through boutique individual programmes.

What kind of results do people see with the Davis Autism Approach® program?

Those who have completed the program have experienced many positive changes. These are some of the most common results Davis Autism Facilitators see in their clients, which have been confirmed through independent research:

  • less anxiety

  • increased ability to be able to take part in daily activities and create order in their life

  • greater capacity to cope with change and ability to cause a change in their life

  • a reduction in sensory overload symptoms

  • a greater sense of self and ability to create boundaries

  • being better equipped in relationships


A diagnosis opens the door

A diagnosis of autism can bring a mixture of emotions – for some, it may be shock and uncertainty about what this means for the future. For others, it may be grief over all those years where they felt different but didn’t know why – if only they had known. And for others, it will be relief at finally being understood and validated for who they are, and a feeling of empowerment to be able to ask for the support they need.
For everyone, though, it is another step in the journey of understanding their neurodiversity, celebrating their unique gifts, and finding ways to unlock the potential within.
I get that, and I want to support you to unlock your gifts of autism.

Taking control of your life

I am delighted to offer the Davis Autism Approach program, which has been developed with a unique approach that is gentle, respectful, and that really makes a difference. The program is grounded in the philosophy of embracing and celebrating neurodiversity, respecting every individual, nurturing growth, and building on each person’s strengths to overcome challenges.


I know that you will have been searching for the right support. The Davis Autism Approach may be just what you are looking for. It is a revolutionary program created by an autistic individual for autistic individuals. 


To have a conversation to see if this, or another programme may be right for you, book a free discovery call.

The Davis Autism Approach

A life-changing programme blending personal coaching, experiential learning and resources.

The goal of this programme is not to remove your autism or identity, but to remove barriers to living your life your way - and in doing so, to empower you to enhance your identity. 


Fundamental Life Concepts


Identity and Self-Perception


Self-Regulation and Responsibillity


Relationships and Social Integration

“This program has enabled me to become who I meant to be, rather than pushing me out in a predetermined shape. It helps the good part of my autism to shine through, so I can be my best self. And that’s so important, because those of us who are autistic really do have something to contribute to this world.”

- Samantha

Text on this page used with permission by Ron Davis Autism Foundation.

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