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ADHD Coaching

Empowering women with ADHD to thrive through boutique individual programmes.

If you are a woman with ADHD, you were likely told to ”focus”, “stop daydreaming”, “slow down”, “hurry up” when you were a child. You may have never felt good enough.


As an adult, you may feel turbulent and inquisitive, feeling invincible at times and a failure at others. Your zone-outs and meltdowns caused by your brain’s inability to regulate information and emotion stays below the surface, as you mask your challenges in your quest to appear ‘normal’ and attain perfection, affecting your relationships, including the most important one – with yourself.


ADHD can be a challenge, of that there is no doubt.  


However, you will without a doubt also have an incredible set of strengths. You may have energy in spades.  You are likely creative, great at big picture thinking and problem solving. Perhaps your hyperfocus comes in handy when immersed in projects you feel drawn to.


Whatever your unique challenges and gifts, the Davis™ Attention Mastery Programme helps you to harness your strengths in order to help you gain control of your executive functioning, manage stress and anxiety, focus, organization, time-management, behavior, and maintaining positive relationships.

This programme has been developed with a unique approach that is gentle, respectful, and that really makes a difference. It is grounded in the philosophy of embracing, celebrating, and respecting the neurodivergence of each individual, nurturing growth, and building on each person’s strengths to overcome challenges.


To have a conversation to see if this, or another programme may be right for you, book a free discovery call.

“The biggest shift in me has been instead of running around looking externally for answers, I can turn inward. There is a big shift towards self-guidance, self-intuition, self-knowing, that I don’t have to get reassurance from outside of myself. I really feel as though I have ‘got this’ now – in a very grounded way.”

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