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Dyslexia and Maths

Empowering women with dyslexia and maths challenges to thrive.


Dyslexia is a learning difference. If you have dyslexia, you will likely be a highly visual, creative, big picture thinker with many gifts and talents.  You do not need fixing.


If you are struggling, what you do need is to learn simple, effective ways to use your thinking style to help you overcome your challenges associated with your dyslexia, including reading, writing, spelling, letter confusions, focus, listening, and more. 

The Davis Dyslexia Correction® programme is a highly effective solution, developed by a dyslexic individual for dyslexic individuals.


Maths Mastery

If you experience difficulty with maths, you are likely a talented visual-spatial thinker.  What you need is a way to understand mathematical concepts in a visual, hands-on way.

The Davis™ Math Mastery Programme is the solution for adults  who are having difficulty with any area of Mathematics, including:

  • reading numerals

  • counting

  • adding, subtracting

  • multiplying, dividing 

  • time

  • sequencing


“Dyslexia used to be a struggle for me but now I can use it to my advantage.”

- Abbey

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